Friday, May 9, 2014

Convicts in the James Gough book

The book includes biographies for Ann Cain, Mary Sherwin and all the Gough children. It also includes a biography for John Richards, who was James Gough's partner. This is a list of convicts who are included in the James Gough book, many of them in detail.   


Allen, Daniel (Admiral Gambier 1811)
Billingsley, William (Phoenix 1828)
Chadwick, William (Atlas I (2) 1819)
Flannaghan, Patrick (Mary 1819)
Forrester, Robert (Scarborough 1788)
Gore, Robert (General Hewitt 1814)
Grimes, James (Malabar 1819)
Harrow, James (Albion 1829)
Hartley, John (Mary 1822)
Henderson, Mary (Asia (7) 1830)
James, Richard (Ocean II (1)
Johnson, Charles (Admiral Gambier 1811)
Johnson, James (Guildford 1827)
Jones, Richard (Baring 1815)
Jones, William (Earl Spencer 1813)
McDonnell, Margaret (Brothers 1827)
Metcalf, George (Larkins 1817)
Mitchell, Andrew (Morley 1818)
Morton, John (Mangles 1820)
Moseley, John (Surrey 1823)
Olds, William (Admiral Gambier 1808)
Reason, Ann (Brothers 1824)
Reddington, Thomas (Earl St Vincent 1818)
Redman, John (Surprise 1790)
Richards, John (Mariner 1816)
Roberts, William (Scarborough 1788)
Rutherford, Charles (Admiral Gambier 1811)
Sanderson, Thomas (Indefatigable 1815)
Sewell, George (Somersetshire 1814)
Shaw, Thomas (General Hewitt 1814)
Skinner, Francis (Minerva 1824)
Smith, James (Indefatigable 1814)
Walker, William (General Stewart 1818)
Ward, Joseph (Tottenham 1818)
Wilson, John (Mangles 1820)