Family connections

Baldwin of Windsor:

Phoebe married Dio Baldwin, son of Henry & Elizabeth Baldwin and they had 10 children.

Billingsley of Cootamundra:

Sarah married John William Billingsley, the son of William & Caroline Billingsley and had 8 children.

Dundas of Hobart

John married Agnes Dundas. 

Eather of Windsor:

After her separation from James Gough, Ann Cain lived with Charles Eather and they had 6 children.

Forrester of Richmond:

Louise married George Forrester, the son of Henry & Lucy Forrester, and grandson of First Fleeter, Robert Forrester. They had 4 children.

Horsley of Gundagai:

After her separation from George Sewell, Eliza lived with Richard Frederick Horsley. They had 3 children.

Johnson of Sutton Forest:

Thomas married Catherine Johnson, daughter of James and Margaret Johnson. They had 7 children.

Roberts of Windsor:

Mary married Edward Roberts, the son of First Fleeter William Roberts & his wife Kezia. They had 12 children.

Robinson of Windsor:

Alexander married Jane Robinson, daughter of Richard and Mary Robinson. They had 5 children. 

Sewell of Sutton Forest:

Eliza married John Sewell and they had 3 children.

Sherwin of Parramatta: 

Mary Allen (nee Sherwin) was James Gough's second partner, and they had 5 children. She was the daughter of William Sherwin and Mary Duggan. They were not married.

South of Sydney

Elizabeth married Richard South and they had one child. 

Walker of Windsor:

Alexander's second wife was Elizabeth Walker and they had 10 children. She was the daughter of convicts William Walker and Ann Henderson. 

Ward of Wilberforce:

James married Amelia Ward, daughter of Michael and Sophia Ward. They had 11 children.


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