Saturday, October 19, 2013

James Gough Family Tree

James Gough had 10 surviving children and 74 known grandchildren. How many can claim to be part of the Gough Family tree today? 

The following names are all linked to this family and appear in the James Gough book.

Baldwin of Windsor:  
Phoebe married Dio Baldwin, son of Henry & Elizabeth Baldwin and they had 10 children.
Billingsley of Cootamundra:
Sarah married John William Billingley, the son of William & Caroline Billingsley and had 8 children.
Dundas of Hobart
John married Agnes Dundass. 
Eather of Windsor:
After her separation from James Gough, Ann Cain lived with Charles Eather and they had 6 children.

Forrester of Richmond:
Louise married George Forrester, the son of Henry & Lucy Forrester, and grandson of First Fleeter, Robert Forrester. They had 4 children.
Horsley of Gundagai:
After her separation from George Sewell, Eliza lived with Richard Frederick Horsley. They had 3 children.
Johnson of Sutton Forest:
Thomas married Catherine Johnson, daughter of James and Margaret Johnson. They had 7 children.
Roberts of Windsor:
Mary married Edward Roberts, the son of First Fleeter William Roberts & his wife Kezia. They had 12 children.
Robinson of Windsor:
Alexander married Jane Robinson, daughter of Richard and Mary Robinson. They had 5 children. 
Sewell of Sutton Forest:
Eliza married John Sewell and they had 3 children.
Sherwin of Parramatta: 
Mary was James Gough's second partner, and they had 5 children. She was the daughter of William Sherwin and Mary Duggan. 
South of Sydney
Elizabeth married Richard South and they had one child. 
Walker of Windsor:
Alexander's second wife was Elizabeth Walker and they had 10 children. She was the daughter of William and Mary Walker. 
Ward of Wilberforce:
James married Amelia Ward, daughter of Michael and Sophia Ward. They had 11 children.

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