Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sent to the Hawkesbury

On 14 October 1813, a letter was sent to William Cox from the Colonial Secretary's office informing him that 45 convicts recently arrived on the Earl Spencer, would be forwarded to Windsor to be distributed amongst the settlers by ballot, but only to those who had no Government men. One of these men, William Jones, would later be sent to Parramatta and assigned to James Gough in 1819 at the lumberyard. However Cox was to use his discretion to allocate those men left at the end of the ballot.  Another 35 men were to be sent to the Reverend Samuel Marsden at Parramatta and 16 were to be sent to Thomas Moore at Liverpool.

(SRNSW Col.Sec. Copies of letters sent 1809 -1813; NRS 935, item 4/3491, pp 558-9)

Isaac Bowers                     labourer
John Yorath                       labourer
Thomas Collicott              vendor
Richard Richards               servant
John Richardson               gilder
Samuel Andrew                 taylor
James Graham                  sailor
John Bowman                   carver & gilder
William Lewes                   glass manufacturer
John Parerio                      seaman
Stephen Hasketh               seaman
Jeremiah Butler                 shoemaker
William Hull                       taylor
James White                      dealer in horses
James McCoy                    weaver
David Weir                         labourer
William Thompson
Alex McMarvill                  labourer
John Barnes                       gun founder
John Crane                         ladies shoe maker
William Bryce                    tallow chandler
Thomas Bufford                labourer
James Ashton                    boot & shoemaker
Robert Rainey                   farmer
William Reine                    labourer
Thomas Goughley            labourer
Andrew Scott
William Jones                    taylor
Charles Johnson                driver
Benjamin Child                  butcher
Thomas Collard                 jeweller
John Rodgers                     labourer
James Westbrooke          butcher
John Wood/Leach            shopman
Henry Rodgers                  boot & shoemaker
Richard Lowndes              shoe maker
William Greenhough        weaver
John Haywood                  weaver
Thomas Jones                   goldsmith
John Bennett                     stableman
John Bradshaw                  weaver
George Fisher                    servant
Thomas Hoffnell               labourer
James Bennett                  hatter
Samuel Lees                       hatter

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