Sunday, January 6, 2013

Who was James Gough?

Who really was James Gough the convict joiner and builder who arrived in 1813 aboard the transport ship Earl Spencer? What was his story? Who were his family? Did he ever have contact with them again in England? 

Exciting new information has recently been discovered about James Gough that was previously completely unknown and will be revealed in a new book about his life, to be published early this year. It involves a complex family tale that is reminiscent of a Dickens story.  His origins in England and family connections reveal some surprising ancestors. A chance discovery of an item in an old newspaper has led to the unravelling of a most intriguing family story.

Please join this site to share in the James Gough story especially if you are a descendant, to discover his history in the colony, including his time spent at the Parramatta Lumberyard, in the Hawkesbury district, and later at Sutton Forest. 


Anonymous said...

James Gough was my great, great, great grandfather. Can't wait to read the book!

Roygo59 said...

James Gough was my great, great, great grandfather. I have not been able to find much info on him in England other than when he was sentenced in The Old Bailey. I hope the book is a true recollection of his early life and ancestors in England

Nathan said...

What will the book be called? R u writing it?

Marion Starr said...

Hello Nathan
Yes I have written the book about James Gough and it is now being finally edited prior to publication. I don't have any way to contact you without an email link but you are most welcome to add a comment to the page of your Gough ancestor and mention how you are related, and to join this site.